1:1 Coaching to

Free yourself from Food Addiction and Sugar Cravings.

Personalised help for food addiction, sugar cravings and alcohol overconsumption based on psychology and coaching.


Are you feeling addicted to food?

You are trying to stop eating so much sugar but keep giving in?

Food and sweets are always on your mind?

Is food controlling your life?

Hiding overeating and binge eating makes you feel

Do you wonder if you are addicted to alcohol?

We help you to end the endless cycle of sugar, alcohol and food addiction with help of psychology and brain science.

Address the root cause of your addictive patterns and be in control of your life, food, health and body.

Life is too short being controlled by food or alcohol.

Food Addictions are not about will – power, it’s not even about food or alcohol.

Food, alcohol or any other drugs of choice are NOT THE PROBLEM, they are SYMPTOMS AND MESSAGES. Our behaviours are driven by our psychology, habits and behavioural patterns.

In our coaching program, we explore the deeper level of our relationship with food, alcohol or anything else that has taken control over our lives.

Introducing food psychology to rewire the brain…

A program where holistic nutrition, psychology and brain science meet to give you control around food, your health and your life.

All work is underpinned by NLP, CBT, ACT and brain science to create lasting behaviour and habitual positive changes for permanent sustainable results. By changing the brain, a healthy way of living becomes automatic.


Why we can’t seem to break the food and sugar addiction cycle?

We don’t look at the root cause

Most people, when they feel out of control with food, sugar or alcohol usually focus on eliminating this substance from their lives. They miss looking at the underlying root cause of these behaviours. We first must identify the underlying reasons that lead to repeating the same patterns and habits to then correct the individual factors so healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle become effortless.

We are not changing long-term habits

Many approaches don’t go deep into the WHY and don’t look into why we can’t seem to stop eating or drinking. It’s only when we change our life-long developed habits and rewire our brain through the power of psychology and specific tools and strategies that we can be free of struggles around food and substance abuse.

We work against our human psychology

The stronger the focus on restrictions, rules and strict regimes, the more we want it. Food and drinking decisions are driven by our psychology, old rewiring and even traumas. When we identify the root cause, we can rewire our relationship with sugar, alcohol or any other drug of choice.

We don’t get long-term accountability for consistency

We all start our journey with the best intentions. However, breaking old habits is hard. There is a moment when everything becomes too hard, the urges get too strong and we give in. With our ongoing 1:1 deep, impactful and timely coaching you have always someone who supports, encourages and motivates you to continue with progress towards your goals.

Here is what you will experience instead:



Almost immediately you will become aware of what creates your cravings and urges. You will know how to be more mindful of your triggers and which tools to apply. This will allow you to make empowered decisions to have a healthy approach to food, alcohol or anything else that is currently taking control over you.



You will know how to make smart dietary adjustments to stop sugar cravings, food addiction and poor food choices. When we know how food works in our body, we can improve our diet, feel satisfied, and make healthier choices naturally.



By applying the knowledge of psychology and brain chemistry, you will change how you think and feel towards food, sugar, carbs or alcohol. By rewiring the brain, you will build new healthy habits and patterns so it no longer rules your life.



Sugar, food or alcohol will no longer be your crutch for every situation in life. You will feel confident about your decisions whether it’s when you are alone or in social situations. Imagine, walking past chocolate, biscuits and or wine without the slightest trigger. No more guilt or shame. It’s time to live your life freely.


We help you change your eating and drinking habits.


    Our dietary frameworks and education will help you to naturally “switch off” your sugar and food cravings and tame your appetite. With non-restrictive, realistic and easy to implement adjustments we make healthy eating sustainable.

    You will know how to eat right to be in control of sugar, carbs or any other food cravings and overeating urges.

Change the way you think and feel around food, sugar and alcohol by reprogramming the brain.


    By changing the brain using psychology, cognitive and behavioural science we create healthy habits that come naturally to us.

    All work is underpinned by Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and brain science to address the deeper underlying reasons for our relationship with food and alcohol. By changing the brain, people notice food and alcohol are no longer controlling their lives.

Create new habits and mindset around food and alcohol with the power of psychology.


    Our decisions are driven by our psychology. Together, we explore the root cause of your triggers, decisions, habits and the psychology of your thoughts. This way we can address the key drivers of your decisions and urges.

    We believe psychology is the key for lasting changes. Challenges with food and alcohol are not a problem, but rather a message to look beneath the surface.

    If you’ve ever wondered why you just can’t resist that snack or drink, then during our work together we will empower you with answers.

Weekly 1:1 coaching to achieve your goals.


    Go deeper for faster results. Discover how fast you can create transformation with deep one-on-one coaching. All sessions are tailored to your unique challenges, goals and desires to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be faster.

    Your personal coach will be there to support you to break through roadblocks, self-sabotage and everything that holds you back.

    With 1:1 tailored coaching and accountability, you will fast-track results. We use tools and strategies that are specifically designed to give you freedom from sugar, alcohol and food addiction.

Ready to take control of sugar, alcohol or food addiction?

You have the power to change and we are here to help.



We know the journey of recovery can be hard. Here’s how we can make it a little easier.


1. Book your free discovery call.

Get a full assessment of your history, your current challenges, and your goals. Discuss your unique approach to your weight management journey.

2. Access regular 1:1 coaching sessions

Fast track results with ongoing accountability, support, motivation and inspiration with a deep coaching approach.

3. Deepen your learning through comprehensive online programs and resources.

Learn in your own time. Catered to a busy person, our programs can be accessed on demand, anytime and anywhere.


All 1:1 coaching sessions are tailored to your unique goals.

Dive into your personal psychological aspects of food, weight and the way you think and feel about food.

Experience insightful and impactful coaching with a focus on the psychology of eating.

Finally, get your brain on the same page and put an end to night-time binges, self-sabotage and other unhealthy eating patterns.

You will always know exactly what to do to change the way you eat, move, think and feel.

Create consistency with easy to implement tools and strategies so healthy choices feel easy and automatic.

Reprogram your brain to stay on track with healthy eating and lifestyle habits.With a focus on psychology, human behaviour and neuroscience create an easy, healthy relationship with food that lasts!


“I feel free from the addiction weighing myself”

“I feel in control of my life again”

What else can you expect from working with us?



Expect more awareness and insights into why, how, when and what you eat. Learn tools, strategies and secrets that break your old, unhealthy patterns with food and rewire the way your brain thinks about what you eat.



Because the process of losing weight is full of ups and downs, and we believe everyone should be able to hit their personal goals. We believe everyone should be able to hit their personal goals, we aim for ongoing accountability, support, and motivation.

Schedule your FREE Discovery Call

On this 60-75 minutes call, we will:

  • Firstly, identify what’s keeping you stuck.
  • Then assess the best approach to stop binge eating, emotional eating and overeating.
  • In conclusion, we will create a plan to achieve your food and body goals in an effective and sustainable way.
  • At the end, we will decide whether we are a good fit to work together to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

We help you reverse unhealthy patterns and give you your freedom back – without giving you strict rules or diet plans.

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