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Eugenia is an Eating Psychology Coach with a BSc in Business Psychology. She is a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and TEDx Speaker. She majored in coaching and personal development where she was specializing on NLP and CBT. Eugenia furthered her education through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition by receiving a certificate in Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching where she was trained in more than 100 dietary theories. Now Eugenia is using some of the most powerful tools when working with her clients: NLP, CBT, Mindfulness, EFT.


Before Eugenia started her private Nutrition Coaching Clinic, she was working in Change Management and Human Resources where she was, successfully, utilizing her psychology and coaching skills supporting employees to find growth and development in their jobs.

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Eugenia Nikiforow TEDx Speaker

Eugenia’s Expertise


Eugenia’s expertise has been featured in magazines such as, NEXT and NZ Good Healthy Choices. She has been interviewed few times on Radio Live talking about ending the war with food and body and body image and the shame that comes with it. She has also been a guest blogger for AwesomeInc, Voices Of Hope, Seed + Soul, Consciously Living, and Pretty Pinz.


Eugenia’s TEDx talk “Is Food Your Drug Of Choice” can be listened on the TEDx official page.

I love spreading the message about Body Image, Health and Nutrition and how we can re-gain our power back.

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My Personal Story and My Motivation


Eating disorders, extreme dieting, body hatred, damaging self-talk, starvation and lack of confidence – these were all part of my life for over 10 years.


Starving myself and hating my body because I didn’t feel beautiful, loved and good enough used to be my everyday life. I believed that if I changed my body and my look I would be prettier and be more confident. Above all, I was looking for love. As I was pleasing others and didn’t listen to the inner voice, I forgot about my own dreams and passions.


But no matter what my body did, if I lost weight or gained it back again, I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel more loved nor did my body hatred change in any way.  It only changed when I started focusing on what I loved doing.  This was how I started my healing journey.


I started focussing on what I loved and the inner voice that I suppressed for so many years. Rediscovering my hobbies such as dancing and yoga were the first step.  These allowed me to change the focus from my body to my skills and abilities. As a result, my confidence grew and I felt like I found myself. As I grew to like myself, things in my life changed.  I felt loved, accepted, beautiful, confident and comfortable in myself. I quit my job and followed my passion to help other women to do the same.


Without even noticing, I was eating intuitively without fear of food or the fear of gaining weight. In fact, I lost weight without noticing it or starving myself. But it was so much more than what I was eating or how I looked.  What I found was FREEDOM AND life that feels rich, full of passion, fun and joy.


Healing myself led me to where I am today – living a life I love. I am doing what lights me up.  Working with incredible women who are on their journey to create an empowered and authentic life. I love watching them experience more joy, piece with food and contentment with their bodies.

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