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Solve The Overeating Puzzle: Overcome Overeating and Binge Eating

Proven STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM that works with you to regain CONTROL OVER FOOD. Self-study online program to finally free yourself from the endless cycle of overeating, self-sabotage, shame and guilt. Target the EXACT reasons for overeating urges, food cravings and binge eating to address personal challenges with food and body and create an individual plan to heal your relationship with food and enjoy food in a more flexible and enjoyable way.

Rewired To Eat – Switch Off Food Cravings and Tame Appetite c

This program is specifically for everyone who struggles with sugar and carbs cravings, always thinks about food and wants to feel “normal” with food without going on restrictive diets. A framework that turns on the “off switch” that regulates appetite and what we crave. Most importantly you will never need to feel deprived, hungry or like you are missing out again.

Solve The Overeating Puzzle –
and stop unwanted eating habits


Discover the 13 hidden reasons for food cravings, overeating, emotional eating binge eating. If you feel something is not right with your eating but you can’t quite figure out how to be in control of food, weight and body then join our seminar to learn about the root causes for your struggles so you can finally feel in control around food, your mind and your body.

Get to the heart of your food cravings


In this 90 minutes online event, Eugenia shares everything you need to know about food cravings, how to understand food cravings, unpacking what they mean, what we can do to feel in control around food and introduce The Balanced Diet Framework to make healthy eating come easily and naturally.

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By changing the brain, we make healthy living come naturally
and easily to us.  This is how we enable positive changes
from the inside out that go beyond diet and food. All work
is underpinned by NLP, CBT, ACT and brain science.

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