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As the founder of MindFoodNess Ltd, Eugenia will be is hosting an evening on Eating Disorder, Body Image Challenge and other forms or Distorted Eating Behaviours.


Eugenia has overcome her own Eating Disorder and Body Image Fear and is now working with women and young girls to support them with Distorted Eating and Body Image Challenges.


This evening is about raising awareness and providing hope and help to those who are struggling, carers, family members and friends.


Eugenia will provide information how you can support your loved ones who are struggling.


There will also be space for those who are struggling to provide insights and information about what kind of support would be helpful for recovery. We will also have a guest who will be speaking about her own struggles of an eating disorder – to create a deeper insight into this unspoken disease.


The intention of this evening is to provide a safe and sacred space for all who are struggling directly or indirectly to share and learn. This is an unspoken topic and creates a lot of fear, shame, guilt and judgment.

“It is time to stop the silent suffering.”

– Eugenia

Eugenia provides Recovery Support with:




Thursday, 15th November 2018 at 6:30 – 8pm




Hamilton, Waikato (more information closer to time).




Cost: $20.00

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About Eugenia

Eugenia is a Body and Mind Transformation Expert with a BSc in Business Psychology, Mindfulness and Nutrition Coach, Motivational Speaker and a Yoga Instructor.

Eugenia is passionate about turning the diet industry around to spread the message of Food and Body Freedom where women no longer diet to feel beautiful, loved and accepted.


Eugenia’a passion comes from her own experience of many years of eating disorders, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. She is now on a mission to empower others to end their battle with their body, food and ultimately themselves by addressing the underlying cause of their pain.


Continue reading Eugenia’s story of eating disorder, dieting and the freedom she now experiencing since her recovery HERE. 

If you have specific questions which you would like me to ask or information you would like me to share on that evening, please email me at eugenia@mindfoodness.nzThis way I can ensure that you will receive as much information and support as it is possible on the night and we will get an informative night. 


I am looking forward to this evening together.



Do you want to feel in control with food?