Plant-Based Nutrition Sessions


with your certified nutritionist

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Are you thinking about transitioning to a more plant-based diet or considering a vegan lifestyle?


We’ll help you through your exciting transition and make sure you’re on the right track toward a healthy, long-term plant-based or vegan lifestyle.

Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching for your individual lifestyle

We will help you to learn not just how to eat plant-based, but how to THRIVE on a plant-based diet.


Our coaching goes further than simply giving you a diet plan to follow. You will learn how to get the best out of plant-based eating and how to make daily lifestyle changes for optimal nutrition. We focus on giving you the confidence you need, to make lifelong positive changes.


A non-judgemental approach is a key for us.  We will fully support and guide you on your own personal plant-based journey towards creating a healthier, more conscientious lifestyle. Together we will build an individualized diet and lifestyle program. Initially, we will work through some of your current struggles or concerns with eating plant-based diet. Then we will develop the best and most sustainable way of eating for you.


Book your free consultation today to discuss your individual goals and how we can support you to a plant-based lifestyle in an easy and fun way.

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Who would benefit from Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching?


Do you want to reduce your reliance on animal products and incorporate more plant-based meals into your lifestyle, but unsure where to start or what you should be eating?


Are you already vegetarian or vegan, but wanting to improve your diet and energy levels with a healthier approach based on whole foods?


You love fitness and sports training, but worried about how relying on plant protein and carbs may affect your muscle gains, weight and fitness goals?

If you said yes to the above, then you are at the right place. We are looking forward to seeing you thrive, feeling strong, confident and full of life.

We will help you to learn not just how to eat plant-based, but how to THRIVE on a plant-based diet.

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Hi, I am Emma, your Plant-Based Nutritionist

Here a little bit more about myself and my own plant-based journey. This is why I feel so passionate about living and promoting a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle.


I first became vegetarian when I was only 8 years old. 20 years later I decided to make the transition to a fully vegan lifestyle, which I have now enjoyed and thrived on for the past 5 years. Eating plant-based has always had its core in my compassion and love towards all animals. When I researched further into vegetarian and vegan living, I discovered the many environmental and health benefits that come with reducing or eliminating our consumption of animal products.


Along with my 25 years of personal experience eating plant-based diet, I’ve also been dedicated to researching and learning as much as I can about the science behind a healthy vegan diet. In more recent years, I got into various multi-sport adventures. In February 2019 I had the privilege of competing in the New Zealand Coast to Coast Multisport Race as a vegan athlete. This has been my fitness highlight to date. However, there are plenty more adventures still to come!


To further my nutritional knowledge, in 2020 I studied and completed my Plant-Based Holistic Nutritionist Certification through American Fitness Professionals & Associates.  My next step is to further study specialising in Sports Nutrition this coming year. This will enable me to to combine my passion for plant-based nutrition with my love of multi-sport.


Sharing my knowledge and experience to help others THRIVE through a plant-based lifestyle is my life and my passion..

Are you ready to transform your health, fitness, nutrition and ultimately your life?


Do you want to feel in control with food?