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Getting to the heart of your eating habits!


Are you ready to retrain your brain to change your habitual eating patterns and stop the endless cycle of overeating, guilt and self-sabotage?

If you’ve ever found yourself eating secretly and fast, when nobody is watching, to the point of discomfort or even pain – feeling frustrated, guilty and ashamed – promising yourself to never do it again – then you know the endless cycle of restrictions, overeating, and guilt.


Perhaps you feel like you are addicted to food, thinking about food all day long, worrying about what and how much you ate. Or maybe once you start eating, you can’t stop and it’s affecting your weight, health and mental well-being. You feel like something is wrong with you and feel ashamed of how you act around food. You try to do everything you know and start off well, but keep going back to the old habits and can’t seem to break those patterns.


Come and spend the evening with Eugenia to uncover what’s driving your overeating habits and learn how to reprogram your brain to TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT FOOD…FROM THE INSIDE OUT!


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Overeating, Emotional Eating or even Binge Eating is not a food problem. When diving deeper into the root cause, we understand that it’s a solution to an uncovered underlying issue.


It is possible to solve your eating issues out once and for all. To move from constantly feeling like giving up because of your belief you just don’t have any will-power to succeed, to being free from issues around food to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of – without giving up eating your favorite dessert or going on another latest diet again.


In this profound and groundbreaking event, Eugenia will help you to understand the true cause of your overeating — and you might be surprised to know you are not addicted to food and most likely, it has nothing to do with food at all.


In this 2 hour transformational talk, Eugenia will help you to understand the reasons why you can’t stop eating, what triggers overeating and binge eating and also teach you powerful tools to overcome uncontrollable food cravings.


Eugenia is known for combining interventions from nutrition, psychology, and brain science to treat underlying eating issues.


Come and expect to learn:


The hidden reasons for overeating, food cravings, and binge eating

Eugenia has come to understand the common 6 hidden reasons that drive food cravings and overeating. By identifying those you will be able to create specific strategies to eliminate them. And by the way, most of it is about human psychology, hormones, and brain science instead of will-power.


Break old habits and make your new ones last

Discover how to reduce or eliminate this habitual behaviour using the most powerful tools. It’s not a mystical process, but rather a practical plan. Learn to apply psychology-based tools to stop craving food like there is no tomorrow.


Reprogram your brain for a healthy mindset around food

Reprogram your brain so that healthy eating comes easily and naturally to you. Get rid of all the crazy around food and eliminate overwhelm so that you will never need to google another fad diet or look for another diet plan.

After seeing amazing results during our online program “Food Freedom Formula – Beat The Binge” helping people stopping overeating and binge eating – we are now offering an interactive in-person workshop to give you immediate shift in the way you see food.


Does this sound like you?


➡ I can’t seem to break the addiction to food… I crave food all the time!
➡ I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I feel ashamed of how I act around food.
➡ I am so tired of obsessing over food and my body all the time, but I am just scared I will never lose weight and have the body I want.
➡ I feel I can’t have just one piece of chocolate … I have to have the whole package.
➡ If I’m honest with myself… I like eating whatever I want. Cookies and cakes and chips are delicious. But I hate the way I feel about myself afterward.
➡ I have tried it all – working out, dieting, nutritionists, reading books and listening to YouTube videos and podcasts. But nothing is working.


It doesn’t need to be!



If you want to have a normal, EASY relationship with food (and your body) …
… and get your body to a stable weight – where it’s meant to be

then get your tickets now and join us for an enlightening event.

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About Eugenia:


Eugenia specializing in Eating psychology, in particular, emotional eating, binge eating overeating and disordered eating.


Her unique background in psychology, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, coaching and NLP allows her to combine powerful tools to give people unique treatment which can resolve the root cause of issues around food for good.


Eugenia also suffered from an eating disorder herself, including dieting, binge eating, emotional eating and poor body image over 10 years. Since her recovery she she has been helping hundreds of people creating life fuelled by freedom instead of food obsession and wieght issues. You can read her full story HERE

Eugenia Nikiforow, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating specialist

Do you want to feel in control with food?