Nutrition Coaching to stop food cravings, overeating and binge eating


Nutrition Coaching that gets below the surface, to uncover the underlying issues contributing to your ongoing struggles with food. Food, weight and diet obsessions are merely symptoms of deeper issues.

One-On-One Coaching


You dream of living a more extraordinary life but the constant battle with food, your weight or appearance are holding you back?


You’re tired of thinking about food all day long and the constant binge and restrict cycle is driving you mad.


You desperately wish you could feel at ease with food or have one peace of cake without secretly eating the entire thing.


You would love to spend more time with your friends and family while feeling confident in your body. You long to try on or wear clothes without worrying about weight. You may even call your friends to cancel plans or fake an illness because nothing looks or feels right on the day.


If you feel out of control with food, your body or your entire life, I can help.

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Ready to finally break the restrict and overeating cycle? Enjoy freedom around food and with your body? Loose weight and keep the pounds off?
Book Your Free Food Freedom Breakthrough Call Now. We will dive into the challenges ahead and chat about what you want to achieve so you can decide if working with me is a good fit for you.


What working with Eugenia is like….


“I’ve done therapy, but that is nothing compared to what you do. Therapy is like snorkeling; you just put your head down and bob around under the surface a bit and see more interesting things. But this is like deep-sea diving; we go below the surface, shine a light on what’s hiding in the darkness, then come up slowly with tools I can actually apply to everyday situations.” – Client

What I do is my life purpose and passion. Academic training coupled with personal experience gives me a unique and powerful understanding of what it’s like to struggle with weight, food and body image issues.


Identify triggers that cause you to use food as a coping mechanism, then create powerful strategies to manage triggers in any situation as they arise.


Release obsessive behaviors like counting calories, weighing your food or yourself on a daily basis so you can enjoy food in a way you may not have done before.


Let go of limiting beliefs about your body, weight and dieting that no longer serve you.

We use a range of techniques to help you to make permanent changes

We understand what drives people to over-eat or adopt disordered eating habits and we understand both the psychology of these patterns as well as which nutritional changes are optimum for achieving lasting results. Most therapists don’t understand nutrition and most nutritionists don’t understand psychology – but we bring you the best information from a range of different techniques that you won’t find elsewhere.



There is so much contradictory nutritional information publicly available that it can be difficult to know exactly what nutritional changes would really benefit your health.


In a sector dominated by fads and quick fixes, it can be tempting to follow the latest “diet plan” or food craze.  However these quick fixes rarely provide a long-term solution. Our recommendations are based on non-diet, intuitive eating and gentle nutrition approach ensuring that you can make permanent changes that come easily and naturally to you.



So often we eat in a rush, at our desks, on the train or in front of the television, that we do not even notice just how much we are eating.


In a society that has too much to do, too many deadlines to meet and no time to just sit and enjoy food – it is no wonder that so many people have disordered eating.  We use techniques derived from meditation and mindfulness practices to help you to become more aware of what and how much you are eating.  When you are able to respond to your body’s natural cues and needs, you will find that disordered eating is no longer an issue.

Neuro Linguistic Programming


NLP is a tool which enables individuals to alter subconscious behaviours.


Anyone that drives or dances will know that they do not perform these actions through conscious thinking – these activities are often performed in auto-pilot mode, once an individual has had enough practice.  Much in the same way a lot of people’s eating habits are just behaviours they perform in auto-pilot mode.  Reaching for biscuits when you are stressed or ice-cream when you are sad, is just an automatic subconscious response. NLP can be used to change these subconscious behaviours so that you can regain control over your decisions around food.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


CBT is an exploratory form of talking therapy which enables individuals to investigate the drivers behind their choices.


For us CBT and Acceptace and Commitment Therapy go hand in hand. This approach can be used to help you to determine why you are making certain food choices.  You can uncover exactly what is triggering your disordered eating and then work to alter your responses to these triggers.


CBT, ACT and Mindfulness are also used to resolve any stress/anxiety/depression that may be underlying your eating condition.

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Ways To Work With Us

One-On-One Sessions

Most therapists do not understand nutrition and most nutritionists do not understand psychology. I have background and knowledge in both and have been able to successfully help my clients, nationally and internationally to resolve their issues around food for the long-term.


Experience 1:1 coaching to feel in control around food faster. Solve binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, food cravings, and body image concerns.


Online Programs & Group Coaching

Online Group Programs to set to free you from endless cycle of overeating, self-sabotage, shame and guilt from the comfort of your home. Small groups of like-minded women to address personal and unique challenges and create an individual plan to heal your relationship with food and enjoy food in a more flexible and enjoyable way.  Discover what’s really driving your overeating and binge eating. Address the root cause of your problem and heal from the inside out.


Book Your Free Food Freedom Breakthrough Call


Ready to finally break free of your restrict and over eating cycle? Experience freedom around food and with your body? Lose weight and keep those pounds off?

Book Your Free Call Now. We will dive into the challenges ahead, chat about what you want to achieve and explore if working together is a good fit.


What my clients are saying

Eugenia has allowed me to think differently about my nutrition and enjoy life so much more. I have gained good insight into my emotional eating and ways to manage it without deprivation. – Sandi

Eugenia made quite a massive difference in my life. She took me from a place of food addiction and trying to avoid my emotions to cooking more meals, eating less junk, snacking less often and no longer being scared of feeling a certain way. – Katie

Eugenia provided really strong support whenever I felt a change was difficult. She was really empathetic and open and allowed me to be open and honest about my feelings and barriers that were in the way to make progress. – Nicole

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