Welcome to your third Yoga Video for Back Pain.


Back pain is extremely common and can be caused by many simple everyday activities. Help prevent back pain and with these simple but effective yoga poses.


One of the reasons for back pain can be short hip flexors and psoas muscles. Especially people who have a sedentary job and sit the majority of their time, will experience this issue.


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Are you looking for a yoga practice that not only helps you feel good in your body, but also about your body?


Body Love Yoga was born out of yeses to those questions, so if you were nodding your head along or think you might someday, welcome! You’re in the right place.

Yes, I want to do Yoga regularly!

Body Love Yoga



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Yoga and body acceptance don’t just have to be good ideas you never get around to implementing.


Yoga has helped me to find love for my body and myself. It helped me to overcome my disordered eating behaviors and poor body image challenges.



When you have a regular, body-affirming yoga practice, you not only finally have a movement practice you love, you also have the foundation of a well-loved body — and well-lived life.


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Make today your best day!


  • Exclusive slow pace Body Positive Yoga Classes with Eugenia


  • Unique combination of mindfulness, intuitive movement, relaxation, flexibility and mobility to create a loving relationship with movement


  • Mindfulness Meditation and Visualisation to create a calm, meaningful and deep connected life


  • Live Streaming Yoga classes which can be joined live or be practiced in own time.


  • Size diverse yoga classes for every level, specifically for all shapes and sizes


  • Classes are held in a secret Facebook group for easy and flexible access to yoga from the comfort of your home


Move, Breathe and Live in a fun, mindful, compassionate and empowering way.


A Yoga Class For Every Body, Normal People, Every Day.


Because I am here to show you that you can do Yoga too!


No Contract. No Commitment.  Start your first class right now.

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As a qualified yoga teacher it is my mission to provide space for you to experience love and compassion for yourself to reconnect with yourself, your body and who you are.

I am always here to answer any questions you have. Please CONTACT ME and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

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