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Binge Eating Help to get to the root cause of your eating habits with the power of psychology and behaviour change.

binge eating help

Binge Eating Help to end the endless cycle of overeating, shame and guilt WITHOUT giving up eating chocolate cake.


Address the root cause of your binge eating patterns and be in control with your body, your weight and stop food cravings.


Life is too short worrying about weight and food.

How it would feel…

To stop feeling “crazy” around food (AKA have a piece of cake and stop when satisfied!) Yes, we believe you can have it all.

Never have to count calories, points, or macros ever again.

Have the psychology based coaching support you need to uncover the hidden keys of your relationship with food.

Be 100% confident about your decisions around food because you are changing the way you think and feel about food.

Elements of overeating, food cravings and binge eating

Binge Eating is not about will – power, it’s not even about food.


Overeating, binge eating, constant thoughts about food are NOT THE PROBLEM, they are SYMPTOMS AND MESSAGES.


Binge Eating is often driven by our psychology, habits and eating patterns. In our coaching program, we explore the deeper level of our relationship with food and identify the root cause. Only then, we can address the key drivers and instigate change.



A program where holistic nutrition, psychology and brain science meet to give you control around food, your weight and your life.


All work is underpinned by NLP, CBT, ACT and brain science to create lasting behaviour and habitual positive changes for permanent sustainable results. By changing the brain, we enable positive changes from the inside out that go beyond diet and food.


About Unlox'U - Three Pillar Approach

With our deep and impactful approach we focus on…



We believe psychology is the missing key for lasting changes. Challenges with food and weight are an opportunity to look beneath the surface and learn who we are as an eater. With help of psychology, we can then address the root cause of our habits and behaviours around food.



Realistic and easy to implement dietary changes that are designed for sustainable lifestyle change that can work for the whole family. Our recommendations are based on non-diet and intuitive eating approach to nutrition to help your body to get to a sustainable weight, have lots of energy, reduce food cravings and feel satisfied.

Brain Science


By changing the brain, we make healthy living come naturally and easily to us.  This is how we enable positive changes from the inside out that go beyond diet and food. All work is underpinned by NLP, CBT, ACT and brain science. Consequently, clients create lasting behavioural and habitual positive changes for permanent sustainable results.

We don’t just tell you what, we show you how and why.


  • Unlox’U coaches fully guide you to identify your food triggers and implement your new habits one by one


  • Learn how to be able to stay flexible with our proven framework (so you can enjoy a birthday party without spiraling out of control)


  • Eat in a balanced way so you can enjoy all your favourite foods WITHOUT being triggered to binge (like pizza -yum!)


  • Even more, stay accountable and on track with your goals with help of experts who been where you are now and know how to get you where you want to be.


Get guided and supported through one small step at a time.  Together, we’ll make a plan that is customized for your life. No more feeling overwhelmed and quitting on yourself.

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Discovery Call For Binge Eating Help and Overeating Help


On this 60-75 minutes call, we will:


1. Firstly, identify what’s keeping you stuck.


2. Then assess the best approach to stop binge eating, emotional eating and overeating.


3. In conclusion, we will create a plan to achieve your food and body goals in an effective and sustainable way.


4. At the end, we will decide whether we are a good fit to work together to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.


To facilitate your food freedom journey, you will get:

Binge eating Support New Zealand, Hamilton

What makes our programs different from others…

Coaching from Experts


We couple our frameworks with 1:1 tailored deep and impactful coaching and accountability in order to fast track outcomes.

Maximum Tailored Support


We are here for you every step of your journey. Receive 24/7 access to coaches for ongoing accountability, support and motivation.  Over the years, we have refined the strategies, tools and team to help clients achieve their goals.

Simple and Proven


Flexible and easy to follow programs that are simple to implement and are proven to get results. Above all, our work is underpinned by weight loss psychology where nutrition science and habit formation come together.

Whole-Person Approach


Our approach focuses on weight loss without sacrificing your mental and emotional health. Most importantly, we’ll show you how.
 Be 100% confident the weight will stay off this time because you are changing the way you think and feel about food.

Our programs are the right fit for you if you:


Are done with Yo-yo dieting



Create  a sustainable way of weight management



Want and are willing to go deeper into your psychology and address the underlying keys of weight, nutrition, habit formation.



Above all, are really ready to ditch the quick fixes to pursue real, lasting change



Not only, can’t continue missing out on life because of non-stop thoughts of food and weight loss, but also know you want a meaningful life.



Feel like there’s too much to change and not enough time, motivation, or willpower to do it



In essence, you are emotionally exhausted and embarrassed by their inability to control their eating habits

Eugenia Nikiforow, Eating Psychology Coach, Founder of Unlox'U

Other Services

Private Eating Psychology Sessions

Individual Coaching sessions for nutrition, psychology of eating, Hamilton, Waikato

Go deeper for faster results. Discover the power of psychology in one-on-one coaching sessions.  All sessions are tailored to your unique challenges, goals and desires to get you from where you are now to where you want to be faster.


Online Programs

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From the comfort of your home, join our groundbreaking transformative membership and online programs. Our all-in-one membership is specifically for everyone who wants close support with transforming their eating, physical activity, weight and body image!




How To Overcome Binge Eating & Overeating


and transition into full control of your appetite.



Discover the 13 elements to effectively address the individual factors of our hunger and food choices so healthy eating becomes effortless.

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