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Watch Unlox’U Testimonials and “How They Did It” Success stories of Unlox’U client’s.  Get inspired and empowered to regain control and freedom around food so you can live a joyful, happy and meaningful life.


You are not alone


You will see stories from girls in their teens, women in their sixties, girls beating their eating disorder or women’s and men’s weight loss success stories. We have worked with people from around New Zealand, Australia, Germany, South Africa to Canada, UK and Sweden.

We are in this together


But despite all of their different stories and background, these women and men do have a few things in common: commitment.  They are all committed, determined and motivated to regain their freedom around food.


Your Transformation


As a result, they are more present with their families, wear clothes they love to feel sexy and comfortable or go on adventures. They all want to create a meaningful life that is fueled by freedom, joy and happiness. Because life is too short worrying about food.

Hi There

At Unlox’U we help you to regain your control around food so healthy eating comes easily and naturally to you.

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Latest Stories

Listen to how Jennifer reduced her binge-eating episodes from 5-6 times a week to 2 times in 6 months. 


This incredibly inspiring story sees Jennifer opening up with a great deal of vulnerability during this interview. Sharing about her gastric bypass surgery, her relationship with food and the steps she took to feel more in control with food.

How Adriana found balance in her relationship with food and exercise. 


Adriana’s story is incredibly inspiring and shows there IS a system that works! Adriana worked with nutritionists who were focusing on increasing her calories and yet, it was a combination of psychology, nutrition and brain science that was missing. With our membership, Adriana received ongoing support and personalised coaching to stay consistent, and change her eating habits and her thinking around food, exercise and body image. 


This incredibly inspiring story sees Jennifer opening up with a great deal of vulnerability during this interview. Sharing about her gastric bypass surgery, her relationship with food and the steps she took to feel more in control with food.

“Instead of the weight loss surgery, I decided to change my eating habits..”


Listen to Helen’s inspirational story about how she lost weight without the already booked gastric bypass surgery. Together, we addressed the underlying behaviours around food, her sleep and stress. She noticed within a month that by changing her eating, her sleep was better, her energy improved and healthier eating got so much easier.

“It’s the best I have ever done..”


Kote’s story about how she gained not only freedom with food but also love and compassion for herself. She is sharing how her relationship with food changed her relationship with herself and ultimately with those she loves most: children and her husband.

“From Binge Eating and dieting to training for a marathon”


Sue’s story is a typical story of someone who has been dieting all her life. Always waiting for one day to be able to run a marathon, enjoy social outings with friends and live her life as she wishes. Until Sue realised that she doesn’t want to look back at her life regretting not to have made memories and experiences. This is when she started training for a marathon and go out there… living her life unapologetically.

“I can finally have chocolate and cereal in the pantry…”


“I decided that I needed to seek some help, and that’s when I found Eugenia. We have been working together one-on-one now for about 3 months and am feeling so in control around food.


More so, I actually feel positive about eating again. One of the biggest things Eugenia has helped me with is giving myself permission to eat again. This allows me to no longer feel guilty about fueling myself properly. She helped me to identify my triggers, plan for these triggers, and overcome urges to binge and restrict.


Eugenia is supportive, understanding, and patient. Her being so honest with her own struggle with disordered eating made the coaching sessions feel more personal. I honestly could not have imagined I would ever have made as much progress as I have now. Because of her help, I feel so much freedom when it comes to food.”

I feel free and happy without stressing about food all the time.


Mandy used to feel the need to eat in advance to make sure she doesn’t get hungry. This need also came up when she was planning her next diet. Her life and thoughts were consumed by food and weight loss. Listen to Mandy’s inspirational story to hear how she found her happiness and freedom WITHOUT looking for it in food or weight loss.

Freedom from the scale and overeating triggers.


Kylie is telling her story how she went from weighing herself a few times a day to feeling in control around her weight, food and her eating triggers. She knows exactly how she responds to stressful situations and is now equipped with tools to choose how she is going to respond instead of using food to “feel in control” of her situation.

Inspiring story about ending the battle with her body.


Sharon believed her battle with food and her battle with her weight is a lifetime battle. After only one month, she noticed she stopped worrying about her weight and her body. This led her to a journey of body positivity, positive body image and focus on her fitness instead of weight loss as an indicator for health.

How Nadja Lost Weight Without A Diet


Summary of her achieved goals:

  • Can fit into clothes she couldn’t for a long time
  • Making home-cooked lunches and taking them for lunch as automatic and a habit now
  • Making any food decisions guilt and shame-free
  • Even after eating chips, sweets or pizza she can move on without “the all or nothing” attitude.
  • No more mindless snacking, especially after dinner.

From 2 heart attacks to losing over 15kgs and running a marathon


I wish I would have done this work 20 years ago” – Craig.


We worked together on changing his nutrition, the mindset around food and his lifestyle. Since then, he lost over 15 kgs, is running regularly with his 14 years old daughter and has now registered for a half marathon.

After 30 years of bulimia Lesley is free of an eating disorder


What Lesley has achieved:

  • Lesley’s mindset shift that allowed her to break free from her struggle with food after struggling for nearly 30+ years
  • Tools she used to stop binge and emotional eating
  • Her advice for anyone that’s struggling and feeling lost

“I feel in much more in control around food again”


Anita joined our Solve The Overeating Puzzle Online program feeling out of control with food, always thinking and worrying about food. She noticed in the first week of joining the program being able to walk past all chocolate and not paying any attention. No more a constant feeling of missing out.

More about the program HERE

“I overcame 10 years of binge eating within a month”


Tessa went to different specialists to get support with binge eating but they couldn’t help her. After only a month of working together, she is really pleased to take part in family gatherings. She is relieved to be able to celebrate without the constant fear of food and its consequences.

“It is now easier to support myself with other self-care activities other than food”


Tali joined our Solve The Overeating Puzzle Online program to get to the heart of her relationship with food. Her usual way to comfort herself was to eat. During the program she set up new way to soothe and comfort herself in stressful situations.

More about the program HERE

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