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Free of binge eating, overeating, food and body obsession

We are changing the way the world gets help with diet, weight and body image with a Mind Plan instead of a Diet Plan TM


Do you constantly think about food – even when you’re not hungry?

Is secretive eating when nobody is watching a regular occurrence?

Are you waiting for a goal weight to be happy and start living life then?

Do your weight and your body shape give you a sense of worthiness?

Do you feel like you are addicted to food?

Have you tried every diet under the sun and while you are able to lose weight, you struggle to keep it off.

You’re starting to think there must be more to weight loss than just healthy eating and exercising.

Maybe you love exercise and how it makes you feel but you still don’t seem to do it.

Our revolutionary approach to diet, weight and health

With our Mind Plan instead of a Diet Plan TM approach, our primary goal is to change how you think and feel towards food for lasting positive behaviour changes.

We believe most of our food, weight and body image challenges are a symptom and a message. It’s an opportunity to dive deeper into who we are as a person and learn more about who we are as an eater.

Clients not only change how they eat but also who they become. Transformations happen from the inside out. People from around the world feel more confident, healthy and happy. They create the fulfilling and meaningful life they desire and deserve.

Our food challenges are not about willpower, it’s not even about food.

In a sector dominated by fads and quick fixes, we adopt a deep approach that looks beneath the surface to address the issue where it starts. It’s about identifying the underlying and often hidden elements that lead to overeating, food cravings, binge eating or emotional eating. When we correct the individual factors, healthy eating becomes effortless. In the process, we are rewiring the brain and teaching our body to use fat as a resource. Consequently, we achieve optimum weight and free ourselves from struggles around food, body and weight.


Our work is underpinned by the three-pillar approach: the psychology of eating, holistic nutrition and brain science.

People’s issues with food come in all shapes and sizes. However, there
is one thing that these issues all have in common: there are often psychological patterns driving them. Due to our lifelong created habits, we repeat the same cycle over and over again.

At Unlox’U we understand what drives these repetitive and destructive patterns. Our deep coaching focuses on unlearning and relearning these unhealthy habits over a set period of time. As a result, we create lasting behaviour changes.

We work differently to any other nutritionists / psychologists or therapists out there. We won’t just recommend:

  • Following a diet plan if you have an eating disorder or similar
    disordered eating behaviours. We know what drives you to develop these conditions and know also how to set you free from their trap.
  • Cutting out lots of food groups to get healthy. We understand that this approach is only effective short term and will not help you to achieve your health goals.

Meet Eugenia Nikiforow, the founder of Unlox’U

About Eugenia

Eugenia struggled with various eating disorders for over a decade.
More than 12 years of her life, she was consumed with disordered
eating, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. During her recovery,
she promised herself to help others once she is on the other side.She kept her promise and started Unlox’U – Eating Psychology Clinic.
Her mission is to change the way the world receives help with eating
disorders, weight, diet and body image.In a sector dominated by fads and quick fixes, Eugenia wanted to adopt
a deep coaching approach. The focus is always on resolving food
issues that would enable clients to achieve permanent change.
Eugenia is changing thousands of people’s lives. You can experience
Eugenia’s work through speaking engagements, private coaching, her
podcasts, YouTube videos, her online community and events.

I love spreading the message about Nutrition, Health, Psychology of Eating, Body image and Health to regain our power back.

Eugenia Expertise

Eugenia’s expertise has been featured in magazines such as, NEXT and NZ Good Healthy Choices. She has been interviewed a few times on Radio Live talking about ending the war
with food and body
and body image and the shame that comes with it. She has also been a guest blogger for AwesomeInc, Voices Of
Hope, Seed + Soul, Consciously Living, and Pretty Pinz. Eugenia’s TEDx talk “Is Food Your Drug Of Choice” can be listened to on the TEDx
official page.

Eugenia’s Professional Bio

Eugenia is an Eating Psychology Coach with a BSc in Business Psychology. She is a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and TEDx Speaker. She majored in coaching and personal development where she was specializing in NLP and CBT. Eugenia furthered her education through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition by receiving a certificate in Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching where she was trained in more than 100 dietary theories. Now Eugenia is using some of the most powerful tools when working with her clients: NLP, CBT, ACT and Mindfulness.

Before Eugenia started her private Psychology of Eating Clinic, she was working in Change Management and Human Resources where she was, successfully, utilizing her psychology and coaching skills to support employees to find growth and development in their jobs.

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