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We are changing the way the world gets help with diet, weight and body image.

About Unlox'U - Eating Psychology Clinic

Do you struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food?

  • Do you constantly think about food – even when you’re not hungry?


  • Is secretive eating when nobody is watching a regular occurrence?


  • Are you waiting for a goal weight to be happy and start living life then?


  • Does your weight and body shape gives a sense of worthiness in other areas of your life?
  • Do you fee like you are addicted to food?


  • Have you tried every diet under the sun and while you are able to lose weight, you struggle to keep it off.


  • You’re starting to think there must be more to weight-loss than just healthy eating and exercising.


  • Maybe you love exercise and how it makes you feel but you still don’t seem to do it.

We are here to help?


We support people all over the world with free videos, blogs, result proven online programs and personal one-on-one sessions to overcome these all-too-common challenges.



  • Yo-yo dieting & weight regain


  • Motivation & self-belief


  • Body image & self-esteem


  • Emotional eating & drinking


  • Mindless eating, overeating & bingeing


  • Self-care, life balance, & time management


  • Pre- & Post-surgery support for bariatric patients


  • Self-sabotage

Our revolutionary approach


With our Mind Plan instead of a Diet Plan TM approach, all of our programs are created to support lasting positive behaviour changes.


We believe most of our food, weight and body image challenges are a symptom and a message. It’s an opportunity to dive deeper into who we are as a person and learn more about who we are as an eater.


Clients not only change how they eat but also who they become. Transformations happen from the inside out. People from around the world feel more confident, healthy, happy and create the fulfilling and meaningful life they desire and deserve.

Elements of overeating, food cravings and binge eating

Our food challenges are not about willpower, it’s not even about food.



In a sector dominated by fads and quick fixes, we adopt a deep approach that looks beneath the surface to address the issue where it starts. It’s about identifying the underlying and often hidden elements that lead to overeating, food cravings, binge eating or emotional eating. When we correct the individual factors, healthy eating becomes effortless. In the process, we are rewiring the brain and teaching our body to use fat as a resource. Consequently, we achieve optimum weight and free ourselves from struggles around food, body and weight.


This is when you get to feel alive….

Our work is underpinned by the three-pillar approach: the psychology of eating, holistic nutrition and brain science.

People’s issues with food come in all shapes and sizes.  However, there is one thing that these issues all have in common: there are often psychological patterns driving them. Due to our lifelong created habits ,we repeat the same cycle over and over again. 


At Unlox’U we understand what drives these repetitive and destructive patterns.  All of our programs focus on unlearning and relearning these unhealthy habits over a set period of time. As a result, we create lasting behaviour changes.  

About Unlox'U - Three Pillar Approach
About Unlox'U - Reviews

We work differently to any other nutritionists / psychologists or therapists out there. We won’t just recommend:


  • Eating less and exercise more if you want to lose weight. Instead, we encourage you to enjoy food and to make changes to your lifestyle which won’t leave you feeling miserable and deprived.


  • Following a diet plan if you have an eating disorder or similar disordered eating behaviours. We know what drives you to develop these conditions and know also how to set you free from their trap.


  • Cutting out lots of food groups to get healthy. We understand that this approach is only effective short-term and will not help you to achieve your health goals.

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Meet Eugenia, the founder of Unlox’U

Eugenia struggled with various eating disorders for over a decade. More than 12 years of her life, she was consumed with disordered eating, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. During her recovery, she promised herself to help others once she is on the other side.


She kept her promise and started Unlox’U – Eating Psychology Clinic. Her mission is to change the way the world receives help with eating disorders, weight, diet and body image.


In a sector dominated by fads and quick fixes, Eugenia wanted to adopt a deep coaching approach. The focus is always on resolving food issues that would enable clients to achieve permanent change. Eugenia and her team are changing thousands of people’s lives. You can experiences Eugenia’s work through speaking engagements, private coaching, body love yoga classes, her online community and events.

Professional Biography


She is an Eating Psychology Coach with a BSc in business psychology, mindfulness and nutrition coach, TEDx speaker and a yoga instructor.


Continue reading for Eugenia’s professional biography and personal experience with disordered eating and diets. Most importantly, be inspired by her journey to freedom and recovery.


Book a time with Eugenia to speak about eating psychology, binge eating, emotional eating, confidence, body image and healthy eating. For your next event >>> HERE.


We use a range of techniques to help you to make permanent changes!

Neuro Linguistic Programming


NLP is a tool that enables individuals to alter subconscious behaviours. A lot of our eating habits are often performed in auto-pilot mode.  We reach for biscuits when we are stressed or grab ice cream when we are sad. It is often an automatic subconscious response. With NLP we can change these subconscious behaviours. Consequently, you can regain control over your decisions around food.



So often we eat in a rush, at our desks, on the train or in front of the television. Because of that, we don’t notice how much we are eating.  We use techniques derived from meditation and mindfulness practices to help you to become more aware of what and how much you are eating.  When you are able to respond to your body’s natural cues and needs, you will find that disordered eating is no longer an issue.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


With CBT we can investigate the drivers behind our choices. For us CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy go hand in hand. This approach can be used to help you to determine why you are making certain food choices.  You can uncover exactly what is triggering your disordered eating and then work to alter your responses to these triggers.

Are you ready to end the war with Food and your Body?


Imagine a life where food is enjoyed, not a drug used for comfort or to stifle boredom. End the war with your body and food, rediscover gratitude for food and the energy it provides: being active with your kids or grandchildren, travelling, tramping, swimming at the beach and everything else you usually avoid. A life free from constant worry about how much you ate, what your body looks like and what other people might think.


Imagine a life of



One-on-One Sessions

Individual Coaching sessions for nutrition, psychology of eating, Hamilton, Waikato

Go deeper for faster results.
Discover the power of psychology in one-on-one coaching sessions. All sessions are tailoured to your unique challenges, goals and desires to get you from where you are now to where you want to be faster.


Online Programs

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From the comfort of your home, join our groundbreaking transformative membership and online programs. Our all-in-one membership is specifically for everyone who wants close support with transforming their eating, physical activity, weight and body image!

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