Eugenia NIkiforow, Psychology of Eating, founder of Unlox'U - Eating Psychology Clinic

Eugenia Nikiforow at TEDx – Is Food Your Drug of Choice?

Have you felt that feeling?

Reaching for chocolate or ice cream after some bad news or celebrating a win with cake?

A lot of the time this is absolutely fine, it can be healthy, soul nourishing and therapeutic. As food brings us together, it starts conversations, connects us, teaches us and entertains us! Also, it is a part of our cultures, family traditions, celebrations. Also, cooking for others can be our way of showing love and care.  We have special foods for special occasions, we have foods to restore the sick (even in a placebo effect kind of way). As a result, it is simply is ingrained into us.  Food is not always just about sustenance of the body, it can also be food for the soul.

But, what happens when food becomes more than a celebration, tradition or simply sustenance?

What happens when we use food to distract us from our feelings? When we use food to kill boredom, loneliness, stress, self loathing, emotional trauma and distress. What does it mean when we are reaching for food and fill the perceived gaps or holes in our lives? Maybe we are hiding food, eating in secret, feeling ashamed, guilty and sick. Are we using food to escape, hide, distract and mask our reality?

Maybe we are addicted to food? Are we making ourselves sick not only physically but emotionally too?

Have we made food our drug of choice?

Recently I was invited to speak at TEDx Ruakura, on this subject.  A subject close to my heart, I shared my story and the stories of some of my clients.

It was an honour to share my insights at this special event and I’m delighted to now be able to share the talk with you.

You can watch the whole video here

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