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We are changing the way the world gets help with diet, weight and body image.


We believe food psychology is the missing piece to be in control of eating, weight and body image.

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Meet The Food Psychology Team


Our eating psychology team of fully qualified professionals is passionate about helping you to free yourself from eating, weight, and body image concerns, as well as work through a variety of other areas that may relate to these concerns.


Our team have an array of interest areas, employ a wide variety of approaches, and offer a range of services, including:

Eugenia Nikiforow

Food Psychology Coach-Eugenia Nikiforow Founder of Unlox'U

Eugenia is the founder of Unlox’U – Eating Psychology Clinic. She is an Expert in Eating Psychology with a BSc in business psychology and coaching. Eugenia is trained in mindfulness and holistic nutrition.


Eugenia’s expertise has been featured in magazines such as, NEXT and NZ Good Healthy Choices. She has been interviewed few times on Radio Live talking about ending the war with food and body and body image and the shame that comes with it. You can read her blogs on AwesomeInc, Voices Of Hope, Seed + Soul, Consciously Living, and Pretty Pinz. Listen to Eugenia’s TEDx talk “Is Food Your Drug Of Choice”.


Eugenia struggled with various eating disorders for over a decade. Over 12 years of her life she was consumed with disordered eating, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. She promised herself to help others once she was on the other side.


She kept her promise and started Unlox’U – Eating Psychology Clinic. It is now mission to change the way the world receives help with eating disorders, weight, diet and body image.


Eugenia and her team are changing thousands of people’s lives.

Sophie Watson

Food Psychology Coach sophie-UNLOXU

Sophie is a certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach with a certification from The Carolyn Costin Institute. She is a certified personal trainer including certificates in nutrition and fitness nutrition. Sophie has also a bachelors degree in education.


Sophie has dealt with an diagnosed eating disorder for most of her life. Healing her eating disorder in 2012 was one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences of her life. It was a  journey of self discovery that has lead her to this career choice. She is passionate about helping others through the same things she was once in.


Sophie was going through the public health care system when recovering from anorexia. It showed her first hand that there are major gaps and real problems with long waiting lists to even get a place in outpatient treatment. This experience showed her that there was a real need for more support.


Her overarching philosophy is that anyone can fully recover from their eating disorders, disordered eating patterns and exercise addiction.

Kirstie Vesseur

Food Psychology Coach Kirstie-Unlox'U

Kirsty is a Clinical nutritionist specialising in gut health and women’s hormones. She puts the pieces of the puzzle together using symptomatology, diagnostic testing, analysis and a root cause approach.  


PMS and hormonal issues are multifactorial. They can be caused by stress, our toxic load, poor gut health and liver toxicity. When working with Kirstie, you will identify what specific areas are contributing to your symptoms. At the end, we can put an individualised plan in place. This might include stress-management, get your sleep back on track, heal your gut and take the load off the liver. When our bodies heal, our systems can processes our hormones so your symptoms disappear. Our symptoms are the bodies way of telling us somethings not right…


Kirstie also struggled with yo-yo dieting and even has a 10-year history of an eating disorder. She was also dealing with debilitating PMS and infertility issues.  This led to her being regularly off work, in and out of the doctors office, on the IVF waitlist and in and out of fertility clinics.  In 2019, finally, after years of studying and learning how to fix her own issues, Kirsty had her first baby girl.


As part of Unlox’U Eating Psychology Team, Kirstie is passionate about helping woman and families through the roller coaster of a ride to health and true wellness. Kirstie is also devoted to helping other women and their families with their health and fertility.

Charlotte Greene

Charlotte was professionally trained and certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She takes a holistic approach that integrates the cutting-edge fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition.


Charlotte works with people who have challenges with overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, weight, body image, and overall health. She sees eating challenges as an opportunity for personal growth and a place where we can fully explore some of the personal dimensions (i.e. work, money, relationship, family, intimacy, hobbies etc..) that impact food, weight and health. She provides a safe and non-judgmental container for her clients to express and heal themselves, and provides them with nourishing, doable, and effective strategies and tools.


For years, Charlotte struggled with binge and emotional eating, body hatred and yo-yo dieting that consumed so much of her life, time and energy. This makes her a relatable coach and even more passionate about helping her clients to overcome their eating challenges, as she knows that peace and freedom are waiting for them on the other side.


Charlotte is devoted to becoming the best coach she can be for her clients by continuing to expand her knowledge by reading books, studying online courses, partaking in masterminds and hiring her own coaches.

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