Don’t know why you can’t stop eating?


To Overcome Overeating, Binge Eating and Food Cravings

and transition into full control of your appetite.

Discover the 13 elements that lead to overeating, food cravings and binge eating. Learn the individual factors to conquer the food fight for good.


With this guide, you will …

Uncover which of the 13 elements make overeat and crave food so you can stop overeating, binge eating and crave food all the time.

Move from feeling defeated to empowered knowing exactly how to correct the individual factors so healthy eating becomes effortless.

Feel in control with food without giving up eating chocolate or biscuits or any food you love

Create a healthy relationship with food even during stressful times.

Be one step closer to no more yo-yo dieting.

Address the root cause of why you feel addicted to food to heal from inside out.

Eat flexibly without restrictions and restrictive food rules.


Our food challenges are not about willpower, it’s not even about food.

There are thirteen elements that influence our food choices, appetite, cravings, fat storage and overeating urges. What this means is a person could make all the efforts in the world, follow the newest diet, visit a nutritionist for a diet plan and going the gym, yet if the underlying factors that drive our decisions to eat haven’t been addressed, we can stay stuck in a constant cycle of dieting and losing track to only feel like a failure.

Diet and nutrition is only one aspect of overcoming overeating. It’s only when we address the root cause of the problem, change our brain and habits through the power of psychology and rewire the brain. Only then, we will know how to STOP overeating and binge eating so we can stop thinking about food all the time and can focus on other things that bring us more joy, instead of guilt and shame.


Well, who am I?

I am very passionate about helping women like you to find the hidden reasons for emotional eating and binge eating so that they can finally lose weight but not by going on another diet, but by healing their relationship with food, body and themselves.

My work has been featured in print media like NEXT,, Good Healthy Choices and Now To Love and I have been interviewed for Radio Live where I was talking about binge eating and other food-related problems.

My passion comes from my own experience of many years of eating disorders, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. I’m now on a mission to empower others to end their battle with their body, food and ultimately themselves by addressing the underlying cause of their pain.

xx Eugenia

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