My eating disorder recovery story

In this episode, for the first time, I am sharing about my own eating disorder recovery story and answering your questions. I also talk about my life after I recovered from orthorexia, binge eating disorder and nighttime eating syndrome.  

I have never spoken openly about my experience with an eating disorder in detail, but I know it was time to answer your questions. I hope that my binge eating disorder story can help someone out there who also binges to feel less ashamed and in the dark. It is important to address an eating disorder as soon as possible to come back to healthy eating habits.

The road to recovery is not always smooth and there can be setbacks. It has taken me years to get to feeling the easiest around food. But no matter how long it takes, recovery is always worth it. 

I am answering your questions such as: 

  • Do I still have moments when I struggle? 
  • How do I eat now? 
  • Was I ever overweight? 
  • What do I think about diet plans and intuitive eating. 

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