How to stick to a diet and stay consistent with weight loss, exercise and a healthy relationship with food?

How to make healthy eating stick

How to stick to a diet?

I often have clients worrying about not being able to stick to their new healthy eating and going back to old habits. I often get told how easy it is to eat well and follow a plan or be focused when we start a new program, but after a while, we go back to old habits. This creates fear of failure and doubts about whether we can ever be successful. 

And I don’t blame them. The fear comes from past experience.

Most of my clients have been on their weight loss and healthy eating journey for many years. In those years they had moments of success and then after a few weeks or months, they found themselves returning back to old ways. This led them to poor eating habits and often weight gain.

It was important to me to address this fear and give everyone the psychology behind our fears and steps to stick to healthy eating, weight management, and a healthy relationship with food.

Strategies to make healthy eating stick.

I am discussing how to stay consistent with our goals to lose weight, create a healthy relationship with food, when we want to stop overeating and binge eating, etc.

In this episode, I am looking into 

  • why we might give up and lose hope and 
  • what exactly we can do to overcome that negative self-talk, 
  • how to start believing in ourselves and 
  • how we can create the success we are looking for. 

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