Psychology behind eating habits

What is the Psychology behind our food choices?

Behind overeating, food cravings and binge eating there is our psychology that creates our drive to eat, even though we are no longer hungry. There is a message for us to understand and learn. Let’s explore the deeper meanings behind our food choices.

In this episode, I am giving some specific eating habits that people do and explaining what they might mean. I also explain the reasons why we overeat at certain times of the week or day and what we actually need and want apart from nourishment and nutrients.

Is this example of overeating familiar to you?

1: You had dinner, feel full and yet you feel like eating something else as soon as you sit down to watch TV.

2. You had a long week and at the end of the week on Friday, you order a pizza and get a bottle of wine.

3. You order a coffee and maybe something sweet at the same time of the day and every day.

If you can recognise yourself in these examples, you will understand why you actually do it and why you think you do it.

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