Sugar Cravings During Pregnancy –

How to control sugar cravings during pregnancy

manage sugar cravings
Craving sweet food during pregnancy is common – here is how I managed these sugar cravings.

How to manage cravings during pregnancy?

Sugar cravings can affect all of us. I personally have experienced these cravings during my pregnancy and used this opportunity to look into how can I be more in control of those cravings.

My suggestions don’t only apply to pregnancy, but to anyone who struggles and experiences sugar cravings.

In this episode, I am talking about: 

  • My personal experience with sugar cravings
  • My pregnancy journey
  • Reasons for sugar cravings (during pregnancy and in general)
  • How to identify why we crave sugar
  • What, when, how much and why to eat in a certain way to navigate sugar cravings
  • How to stabilise blood sugar
  • How our diet affects our cravings for carbs and sugar
  • Tools, tips and strategies to curb cravings and be in control of cravings for sweet food

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