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Are you constantly craving and thinking about food?


You know how to eat healthy but keep going back to old bad eating habits?

Are you overeating and binge eating and just don’t know why?

Is food controlling your life?

Hiding overeating and binge eating make you feel ashamed?


You are trying hard to lose weight and nothing is working long-term?

We are using proven behavioral science to empower people to take control of their health for good.


Through a combination of psychology of eating, nutrition, brain science and coaching we help you meet your personal goals with diet, weight, body image, lifestyle, stress and anxiety management and so much more.

How we can help


You don’t need to do it alone. We are incredibly passionate about helping you to overcome overeating, food cravings, emotional eating, or manage your weight with a desired healthier life style. If you or someone you love struggles with eating disorders (BED, anorexia, orthorexia, etc.), we are here to help.

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Private Eating Psychology Sessions

Go deeper for faster results.
Discover the power of psychology in one-on-one coaching sessions.  All sessions are tailoured to your unique challenges, goals and desires to get you from where you are now to where you want to be faster.


Online Programs

From the comfort of your home, join our groundbreaking transformative membership and online programs. Our all-in-one membership is specifically for everyone who wants close support with transforming their eating, physical activity, weight and body image!

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Don’t know why you can’t stop eating?


Download the FREE guide to find out which of the 13 underlying triggers lead you to crave food, overeat or binge eat.


Why we are unique


We are changing the way the world gets help with diet, weight and body image. We combine interventions from psychology of eating, holistic nutrition and neuroscience to change the brain and create lasting behaviour changes. 



We believe psychology is the missing key for lasting changes. Challenges with food and weight are an opportunity to look beneath the surface and learn who we are as an eater. With help of psychology, we can address the root cause of our habits and behaviours around food.



Realistic and easy to implement dietary changes that are designed for sustainable lifestyle change that can work for the whole family. Our recommendations are based on non-diet and intuitive eating approach to nutrition to help your body to get to a sustainable weight, have lots of energy, reduce food cravings and feel satisfied.

Brain Science


By changing the brain, we make healthy living come naturally and easily to us.  This is how we enable positive changes from the inside out that go beyond diet and food. All work is underpinned by NLP, CBT, ACT and brain science. Clients create lasting behavioural and habitual positive changes for permanent sustainable results.

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Discover how Unlox’U has helped women and men like you regain their control around food.

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With Eugenia’s support I can now eat chocolate without overeating it or feeling guilty. No more thoughts like – “ugh, now I am going to get fat.” I also haven’t experienced any binge eating urges for weeks now. I couldn’t have done it without Eugenia. Thank you for getting me through the hardest times.
– Isabelle

Eugenia has made a remarkable difference in my life. She took me from a place of constant food addiction and trying to avoid my emotions to cooking more meals, eating less junk and snacking less often. She is a genuinely caring person and is thoughtful and thorough with her methods.
– Katie

Thanks to my sessions with Eugenia I have energy again to do things I love and enjoy. Have I lost a lot of weight since working with Eugenia? Hmmm, not sure as I’ve gotten rid of the scales. However, the rings on my fingers are looser. The biggest thing I’ve gained is a joy for living with purpose. I am so grateful for this and the guidance that Eugenia is giving me.
– Wanda

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