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Nutrition|Weight Loss|Eating Psychology thumb_DSC_0028_1024-300x200  My personal journey of healing an eating disorder of more than 10 years including body hatred, damaging self-talk, starvation and lack of confidence have led me to where I am today and do what I love doing most – helping women to create a mindful and meaningful life, so that they find joy in eating, love their bodies and never need to diet again.


I starved myself and hated my body because I didn’t feel beautiful, loved and good enough. I believed that if I changed my body and my look I will be prettier, be confident and will be loved. However, no matter what my body did, if I lost weight or gained it back again, I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel more loved nor did my body hatred change in any way.


It only changed when I started focusing on what I loved doing, when I started engaging in my most favourite hobbies – dancing and yoga. Both, yoga and dancing have allowed me to change the focus from my body to my skills and abilities, my confidence grew and it felt like I found myself.  My life felt rich, passionate, fun and exciting.


As a consequence, I felt loved, accepted, beautiful, confident and just MYSELF. I WAS ME!


Without even noticing, I was eating intuitively without fear of food or fear of gaining weight. In fact, I lost weight without noticing it or starving myself.


What I have learned from this experience is exactly what I am teaching my clients now:


You don’t have food or body problems; you have life problems”


Instead of focusing on diets, elimination, weight loss and what you can’t eat, we need to change the focus on adding more nutrient dense foods, more fun, excitement, purpose, passion, self-care and self-love into our life.


When we are happy and content in our life, know who we are, our values and act accordingly, we no longer need food for comfort. We listen to our emotional, mental and physical needs and feed those, instead of our stomachs.


I have HERstory and I am proud of it. Now I want to support you to make HERstory for you. Let’s create a plan how to get from OLD you to NEW you.

Ready to finally break the restrict and over eating cycle and find freedom with food and body so that you can lose weight and keep those pounds off?

Book Your Free Chemistry Call Now. We will dive into you challenges, chat about what you want to achieve and explore if working together is a good fit.

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“My mission is to transform your mind to change your health, body and life.”  


I will uncover your stories and support you to work through emotional and psychological barriers that keep you stuck.


Let me promise you this one thing:

 I will do everything I can to empower you to eat nutritious food, nurture your body and live an extraordinary life where you love yourself and never need to diet again.”

My philosophy is this…


  • Love yourself, eat something that loves you back (most of the time), move as much as you can and be YOU.
  • A positive relationship to food and body is more important than always striving to eating perfectly
  • Live a vibrant life of freedom, fulfilment, purpose and fun.
  • Eat, move and live without rigid rules, crazy diets and excessive exercise regimes.
  • Reconnect with your internal self. Because there is only one YOU.
  • Heal relationship with food, body and mind with mindful eating and living.
  • Enjoy life, have fun, be confident and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Find your true self, have meaningful relationships, successful career and live in a way that feels natural to you.
  • Enrich your life and thrive rather than survive.
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As a Nutrition and Mindfulness Coach my consultations are holistic and use a three-pillar approach by addressing your health concerns physically, nutritionally and emotionally.


I provide nutritional advice while also exploring any emotions, thoughts and beliefs that create barriers for you to optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

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Healthy Body and Mind

Transform your relationship with food and yourself and experience a breakthrough with weight, food, body and health.


Learn about nutrition, mindset and self-compassion to stay motivated to achieve health and wellness goals.

Understand your relatsionship with food and what has been holding you back. 

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Body Love Yoga

Gentle yoga specifically designed for round-bodied people with a desire to try yoga for the first time or if regular classes cause discomfort.


However, no matter the shape, size, age or gender – everyone is welcome.


Small classes to provide comfort and safety.

No experience required.

What Eugenia's Clients Are Saying

Upon starting working with Eugenia I was very restrictive with food, felt fear trying new foods , and eating bigger portions.
Eugenia provided really strong support whenever I felt a change was difficult. She was really empathetic and open and allowed me to be open and honest about my feelings and barriers that were in the way to make progress. She offered good ways of helping me work around negative thoughts and feelings towards food and encouraged new ways to approach things. I would recommend Eugenia to anybody who is looking to mindfully change their way of eating in a way that’s sustainable and achievable. – Nicole (England)



Do you want to feel in control with food?