The reason why we can’t lose weight, can’t stick to healthy eating habits, can’t find a partner with the body you have, etc – might lie in the childhood. What we are told by our parents when we are young affects how we think and act when we are older. We tend to go through life holding onto the stories and beliefs that were planted in our heads from a very young age.

For example, if your parents told you that you will always be overweight because everyone in your family is, you most likely won’t try to lose weight. If you were told that you need to lose weight if you want to find a partner, the likelihood is high that you won’t even try to meet a potential parter because: “how can someone love you the way you are”.

Our thoughts and beliefs become our reality. We need to let go of these old beliefs and rewire our brains to think and act differently so that we don’t end up creating the same results our parents did.

Let me tell you my own story…

I have always loved green plants, but they never survived longer than few weeks. I often forgot to water them, so they died. Every time it happened, my parents would tell me that I am just not a responsible child and will never be able to grow plants. “This is just how you are”! – they said. After it happened few times, I started believing my parents and stopped trying for a lot of years.

Now, you probably wonder, why I am telling you the story about my plants and what has this anything to do with you? Here is why….

I noticed that my clients would also tell me about what their parents used to say to them. Maybe some of these phrases will be familiar to you:

  • you will never find a partner as long as you’re fat;
  • being fat and having diabetes is in our genes;
  • you can’t lose weight because you don’t have strong will-power
  • your nan was like that, I am like that and you’re like that too;
  • chocolate, lollies, ice cream is a treat. 

I could go on and on…
Growing up we believe our parents. Their stories become our beliefs and we start acting on them. Consequently, when we start acting on their beliefs, we actually create the same results as they also did.

Is there something you stopped trying because someone told you in the past that you will never be able to do it? Did your parents tell you: that’s just what we do in our family or who we are? Maybe they even told you that you can’t lose weight or have to lose weight to find a partner.

Let’s have a look at this… If you believe everyone in your family is overweight, do you think you are likely to be successful at losing weight? Or are you going to give up when it gets hard and tell yourself: “This is just who I am, I need to accept it”.

Perhaps you have even created that belief for yourself. Maybe you have tried a number of diets which have all failed and now you believe you don’t have the will-power to persist. Maybe you feel like you have failed so many times, so you stop trying because you can’t bare to fail again. Do you think with this belief you will create results?

Our thoughts and our beliefs become our reality. We create our own reality, based on what we think, feel and believe.

In order to make the change, we need to understand what those underlying and hidden stories are that we have been living by for so long. We must then re-wire our brain to think and act differently.

I’ve rewired my brain to think differently…

Now, every time I look at my plants, I remember my parents’ words, send them love and celebrate myself for breaking free from old beliefs that are not serving me any more.

These are my plants in the photo below…

Your homework for today:

Identify what stories you are holding on to that create roadblocks for you. Think about the goals have you not been able to achieve because of these thoughts and beliefs? How do you act on those thoughts and what do you do that keeps you trapped to achieve your goals?

Now, decide what your goal is, what your new belief will be and what will the actions look like to achieve that goal.

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