Help! I can’t stop binge eating sugar, toast, carbs and peanut butter

We all have certain foods that trigger our binge eating. Many of us find we are not able to stop binge eating on a certain food, such as chocolate or biscuits. For example, you would love to be able to have one biscuit but you end up finishing the whole packet. We all have different foods we tend to binge on. I used to do it as well. This is what helped me to create new behaviours so that eventually I’ve stopped binging on that certain trigger food. It used to be peanut butter and toast for me.

Understand binge eating.

We need to understand why binge eating is there. Binge eating isn’t an addiction to food, it is representing something and is often triggered by certain emotions, restrictions, boredom, seeing, feeling, tasting or smelling food, or even an emotional attachment to food. If you would like to find out your reasons and triggers for binge eating and stop it for good, download my free guide. 

Allow it to be part of your diet.

First of all, you need to stop restricting that certain food you tend to binge on. Now here is the scary part… you must allow it to be part of your everyday diet. Even if it’s in small quantities, make sure it is part of one of your daily meals. This may even be breakfast, such as having a small piece of chocolate with your morning coffee. There will most likely be fear present that you are going to eat more, however at some point you won’t.

We tend to desire what we cant have. Restricting it will only make you want it more. This is why you must introduce this food into your daily diet in order to stop binging on it. Your mind will eventually realise it’s not forbidden and your brain will be rewired to think differently towards that trigger food.

Eat Mindfully

Another reason why you may be binge eating is because it’s mindless behaviour and you are doing it without noticing. Take notice of when you are doing it and notice the patterns as to why you’re doing it. Are you tired, frustrated or angry? If you’re finding that binge eating is your way to de-stress and relax at the end of a busy day, try including other different de-stressing moments such as deep belly breathing and some relaxing yoga postures into your life and throughout your day.

Also, ask yourself what food means to you. If it is not food, what do you need right now? For example, are you lonely and is food your friend? If so, think about how you could form connections with other people so you are not using food to deal with your loneliness.

Start now!

In time, by creating more mindful behaviours around food, you will be able to create new habits. Binge eating is a coping mechanism that your body has learned, so now you need to rewire your mind and introduce new ways of thinking. This will take time but it will be worth it.

If you want to see change, don’t wait, start today and begin healing your relationship with food.

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