Healthy eating doesn’t require a lot of time and money. Here are my 10 healthy eating habits that have changed my life…

1. Shop only once a week

Healthy Eating is often perceived as time consuming and expensive. That’s why I do one big supermarket shop per week. When you shop at the supermarket more than once a week you actually end up spending more time and money, and buying things you don’t need.

2. Write a shopping list

To avoid buying things you don’t need and save money, write list of what you need for the week. This way you don’t end up grabbing unnecessary treats a long the way and end up with less junk food to sabotage your healthy eating habits. 

3. Shop for sales

There are a lot of sales at the supermarket. Save money by utilising the deals or coupons from the junk mail you get in your letterbox. Buy veggies from a veggie shop – it is much cheaper than buying them from the supermarket. 

4. Pre cook as much as you can to make Healthy Eating easier

I don’t mean you have to pre-cook all your meals for the week and eat the same thing every night for the rest of the week. However, even pre cooking the ingredients or a part of a meal can save you a lot of time. I actually did a Video on Meal Prep for flexible and healthy recipes. This way you can eat healthy and still enjoy a variety of meals. 

5. Adding more greens to your meal

Greens have less calories and they bulk up your meal, such as broccoli and cauliflower. By doing this you will stay satisfied for longer. Try adding spinach to your smoothie. 

6. Choose food right from the source

Choose foods that don’t have a long ingredients list. If you can, try to avoid or reduce packaged up food as it often contains lots of sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Choose whole food such as fish, meat, eggs, lentils, beans, chickpeas, vegetables, fruit, rice, potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.  Checking the back of the packets is often worthwhile as companies add sugar to enhance flavour – even if you can’t taste it. 

7. Don’t be afraid of fat 

Add good fats to your meals as it will keep you satisfied for longer. You will experience less sugar cravings after your meals because we often crave sugar or carbs when we don’t get enough fat. Enjoy foods such as avocados, butter and full cream milk. Good fats are important for our hormones and brain functions.

8. Keep your diet balanced

This was one of the most difficult part for me when I was recovering from my distorted eating habits – including carbs and fats into my meals. But it was also one of the most important changes I made to feel good, have a lot of energy and stop craving sugar all the time. I learned to create balanced meals following a simple framework of a balanced diet. I truly suggest not to cut out certain food groups and include protein, fat and carbs to your meals. Anything else is hard to maintain for long lasting changes. If knowing How Much, When And What you need to eat is a bit confusing for you, feel free to check out THIS blog post of mine where I am talking about the simple steps you can take to eat right for your body – including a video on how to avoid the top 5 mistakes when eating healthy so that you can create a strategic plan for results you are looking for: health, vitality, energy, body you love and desire.

Feeling a bit crazy about Food in general?
Do you eat for comfort or because you are bored?

9. Where to start? -> Start with one meal

What is a meal that you feel would be the easiest to start with? Maybe you skip breakfast or don’t eat a very nutritious breakfast. Rather than changing everything, choose one meal you can do differently or better. This way you will stick to it and begin to apply these habits to all your meals eventually. Making the choice to eat healthy can be overwhelming so it worked well for me for start with small, realistic steps. 

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