Emotional eating and binge eating can be scary, such as eating when we are stressed or angry. However we can change our perspective on it.

Often when we experience an emotional eating or binge eating episode, we beat ourselves up which can make things even worse. The more we beat ourselves up, the more we want to eat because we feel so rubbish. 

Compassion is the key

It is important that we practice compassion with ourselves and learn from the experience. It is easy to practice mindful eating when we are happy and eating well, but often we don’t learn as much as when we experience discomfort in our life. 

It has been a life changing experience for me, since I have realised that it all comes down to how I perceive the situation.

“Our Thoughts become our reality. And we are in charge of this reality.” 

Mindful and Intuitive Eating can be the key

Mindfulness and mindful eating can be a powerful tool to understand your emotions. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to understand your binge eating triggers and your response to it:

My Top Tip

Go to your favourite cafe or just find an understated place at home with a cup of tea or coffee and book some time to journal some answers to the following questions. You are worth this time. The more you can understand yourself, the deeper and faster will be your healing.

Ask yourself what triggered the binge eating episode? What were the emotions and thoughts you were experiencing during it? Were you tired, angry or frustrated? Also notice where you’re feeling the tensions in your body as it is important to connect with your physical body. Perhaps you are experiencing tension in your heart.

Did you respond to these feelings in a way you would like to respond or would you like to change? Make a plan for how you can respond differently next time. Observe the feelings you are feeling before, during and after the meal. Maybe you don’t want it to come to an end so you grab a second helping; or maybe you eat the meal fast because you don’t want to feel guilty.

Also, observe when you are feeling full during a meal. We tend to experience feeling full during a meal but finish what is on our plate because that was the mentality we grew up with. Try changing this old mentality and accept it is okay to stop eating.

Looking for great mindfulness journalsAwesome Inc has the best journals I have seen.

Think about the top five feelings you experience: before, during and after a binge…

This creates an awareness about what is happening because then it isn’t going to have such a strong grip on us. Once we start to identify what is happening, we can make a plan for what we are going to do next time. This way we feel so much more empowered and are compassionate with ourselves if a binge happens.

Since working with a lot of people who experience binge eating and emotional eating, I have been able identify 6 common triggers for binge eating. I want you to understand why you can’t seem to stop eating food, even if you are already full.

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