6 Reasons for sugar cravings and what to do when sweet cravings hit.

Why do we have sugar cravings and what can we do? Well, first of all, we don’t crave sugar because we have a sweet tooth!

There are many different reasons why someone might be craving sweet food and feels out of control with it. Depending on the root cause of the cravings, the solution to tame the cravings will be different. 

In this episode, I introduce 6 potential root causes of sugar cravings and what you can do to address each of the reasons.
I discuss psychological, biochemical and physiological reasons for sugar cravings.

Is addiction to sugar real?

Think about it.

Do you ever sit down and eat sugar with a spoon?

I assume you don’t.

That means that we are not really addicted to sugar.

The research argues whether food is addictive or if it’s a coping mechanism for the brain when we soothe and comfort ourselves with food. However, what we do know is that food stimulates the body’s rewards system and we can see that people love the way food makes them feel. Some develop a habit of using food to change how they feel regularly (I talk more about it below). We also know that food changes our gut flora and what we crave. When we lack a good balance of healthy gut bacteria, we also might find ourselves wanting more sweet food.

Listen into the episode to find out more details about why we might be craving carbs, chocolate, sugar or any other food.

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