Let me tell you the truth.   I don’t really help people stop binge eating or emotional eating.  The essence of what I do is to help people change and transform their brains.  The consequence of this process powerfully and naturally deals with any eating issues.  Above all, I teach people to be themselves.    To connect back to the TRUTH of who they are.  I teach them how to “un-become” themselves.


First, imagine this with me.  A delectable, muddy, chocolate cake.  Heavenly soft on the inside.  And when you cut through, there is luscious melting, runny chocolate.  Then, all you can think about is biting into it, and the flavor releasing into your mouth.  You imagine that chewing into it, will give you that experience of the pure joy of chocolate. 

Notice, the sensation in your mouth right now. Are you salivating too? 

There is no cake in reality, and yet, you probably could see the cake vividly in front of you and your mouth is salivating. Maybe, you are now even thinking of getting some chocolate. Be aware, that if that is the case, I just triggered your brain.

Indeed, our minds and thoughts are powerful. So, if you have certain thoughts, your brain picks up and creates corresponding images. In addition,  it releases hormones that directly impact our bodies.  In this way, our brain can not differentiate between reality, and what is made up.   So, it creates reality through thought alone.  Because we have certain thoughts, we now think it is true, and our body responds accordingly. 


As we go through day-to-day life, we have many habitual thoughts and behaviours.  For instance:

Oh my god, I am so dumb.’

‘Oh my god, I am so lazy.’ 

‘I will never be able to lose weight.’

‘My mum was fat, everyone had eating issues …. I will never be able to overcome this.’  

‘If I eat this piece of cake, it will make me gain weight.

There are many messages we are sending to our brains.  And our brain responds and sends signals to the body.  So, if we are merely looking at a piece of cake, and we think ‘Oh I will gain weight’ we automatically create fear in our mind.  Then what happens?


This fear creates two hormones – cortisol and adrenaline.   When cortisol (which is a stress hormone) elevates, your brain goes into survival mode.  This will, in turn, cause the body to store body fat.  In particular around your belly area (because it thinks it needs to store fat to survive).

Do the stories you tell yourself support you to stop binge eating?

We all have habitual thoughts. If we are not aware of our thoughts, we often act on them and reinforce them by creating the same results.  For instance, if I think I will never be able to lose weight and stop binging’.  We feel bad and discouraged. We don’t see the point of eating healthy  because we “tried it all and haven’t had lasting results”. These thoughts and feelings often make us want comfort food. Because what is the point? In our mind’s story – there is no point. 

‘Nobody will ever love me, so what is the point? So what do we do? We will not actually go out or be proactive to engage with people.  On the other hand, a person who believes they will be able to get a partner – they’re open.  Their energy is open and they’re engaging with other people. 

Ultimately, our thoughts are incredibly powerful!  Because what you think and believe, directly influences your feelings and emotions.


Now, your decisions are often made based on what you feel. So let’s say you feel amazing and motivated.  You will exercise and eat well. You will decide to phone a girlfriend and go out and have some fun.   This because you had beautiful thoughts.  So you feel amazing.

Now, think about it like this.  The entire day felt like a drag.  Internal mutterings of ‘I suck, this is shit. Life is horrible’.  You come home and how do you feel? Like crap!  So what do we decide to do? Order a pizza or get takeaway on the way home from work.  Turn on Netflix and escape.  The next day, repeat over and over.  This way of eating, behaving and living can become a habit. We keep reinforcing what we belief, think and feel.


Ultimately, I don’t just teach you to ‘solve your overeating puzzle’.  I teach you how to rewire your brain.  So you THINK, FEEL, and ACT differently.  This will automatically deal with any eating concerns you have.   Finally, I hope this blog has helped cultivate more consciousness around the power of our thoughts, and a way forward to transform negative thoughts into new empowering ones.  For more information about reasons why we might binge or emotionally eat – download my free guide –  End Binge Eating Cycle and Release Emotional Weight Guide.


Regain power over food!
Binge eating and emotional eating is not a food problem, it is an emotional problem.
Ultimately, we can’t rely on will-power to stop binge eating. In this e-book I am addressing the underlying reasons why we use food as a drug and what our body is trying to tell us.

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