Is Weight Loss your New Years resolution?

Lots of us start off with great intentions.  I have seen so many social media posts already people declaring stopping eating sugar, carbs and exercise 5x a week. We vow to STOP behaviours such as bingeing or making unhealthy food choices.

But then somewhere along the line our resolve fizzles and, BOOM, it’s back to square one.  If this sounds familiar, I have a different way to start a New Year.


Resolutions are usually phrased in terms of “trying” to make changes.  I’m going to try to lose weight.  I’m going to try to be healthier.  I’ll try to get to the gym more often.

I remember a coach of mine caught me saying once: “I have been trying….” and she asked me: “When you get up in the morning, are you trying to get dressed or do you get dressed? Do you get out of the house half dressed because you tried or did you actually get dressed”? I must say, this resonated with me strongly. Since then, every time I have noticed that I am trying to achieve a goal, I made a decision that I no longer try, I am now doing it.

Research shows that successful people who achieve goals, write these goals down, they commit to achieve these goals and they even tell other people about these goals. It seems like by writing goals down, we feel a stronger commitment, especially when we see it black on white.

When Weight Loss Resolution becomes an obsession

For many years, my new years resolutions were revolving around my body, well, to be precise, it was to get thinner, shredded and toned.

I don’t even remember that I was making any other goals other than weight loss. Crazy. Back then, I didn’t realise how much mental focus and energy went to food and body.

But no matter what my body did, I never got to this space of “thin enough”. It was never enough.

You know, sometimes, I think I have wasted so many years and I could have done so much more. But the fact is, I am grateful for the experience I had because this is what allows me to be sympathetic with my clients and be able to truly relate and understand. I often get told from my clients that it makes such a big difference speaking to someone who can understand.

What I do believe though is that it was a distraction from what I truly desired. I was longing for love and belonging.

And this is what I can embrace now: I learned to ask the right questions.

Let’s shift our relationship with ourselves instead!

Instead of resolving to change your behaviour, make a resolution to shift your relationship to yourself.

So, instead of asking ourselves how can I get thinner, let’s ask ourselves:

“if I weren’t distracted by trying to get thin,

  • What would I pursue?
  • What would me my dreams and desires?
  • Where would I put my energy, my efforts, my time?
  • What does my heart long for?
  • How can I prioritise my inner needs and wants?
  • What would I discover if I was curious and compassionate instead of critical?

What would my New Years Resolutions be if I was truly DONE with dieting?

Here’s a handy little Quote for you to remember:

And if you do have goals, new years resolutions, intentions or what ever resonates with you more, and you would love to have some support, I am only a message away.

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