I attended the “Unleash The Power” Seminar with Tony Robbins last year in Sydney. Since I’ve been back, many people have asked what I have learnt and if my life has changed. Purposefully, I hadn’t shared about my learning up until now because I wanted to experience the transformation first instead of talking about the seminar experience. After 4 months since I’ve come back, I can say YES – I have had transformational experiences which I am going to share with you.


I used to believe that the main source for energy is food and sleep, and for me personally coffee – the seminar proved me wrong. During the four intensive days I had only a few light meals and most of the time I actually didn’t even feel very hungry. I only had one coffee per day which was more habitual than necessity. The events were between 12 and 16 hours long and on most days, we didn’t have more than 6 hours sleep. We were celebrating, dancing, jumping, singing, screaming, and experiencing a huge amount of emotional shifts. So how come that I had more energy than I would have ever imagined?

Tony explains, it is about changing the state. This means changing the way we breathe, move, stand, and even how we think and feel. Our physiology has a huge impact on our energy. It is about getting more oxygen into our blood, getting rid of the toxins and feeding our cells with nutrients. Don’t get me wrong, food is important. It is necessary to have a balanced diet and reduce foods that create acidity. We need to get rid of the toxins in our bodies to create a healthy environment for our cells. However, food is only a small part of it and we actually need less food than we believe.

Since then, I have increased the amount of water I have; and I have been moving my body by going on walks and doing yoga. I have also been doing Tony’s morning priming exercise which begins with an intense breathing exercise to fill my body, blood and brain with oxygen. This has truly changed my morning routine and my entire day.

By doing this exercise you start your day focusing on what you are grateful for, therefore change your brain chemistry into a more positive one and also bring to the front of your awareness what your current biggest goals are. Our brain can only focus on a limited amount of things and when we start our day with an intention, we allow our brain to notice everything that brings us closer to our goal: such as opportunities, actions, thoughts and even feelings and emotions.

Since I have adopted this morning routine I have been able to achieve financial, relationship, own health and wellness goals.

I have also shared this exercise with clients who have also been able to change their entire state of being – from feeling down and depressed most of the time, to having sad moments at times.

To change how we feel, we need to change our state

Tony talks a lot about how you can control your emotions and therefore the quality of your life. He is big on the idea that MOTION creates EMOTION. The reason why we eat emotionally or overeat is because we want to change how we feel. Sugar or fatty foods, drugs and alcohol are often used to make us feel better than we are currently feeling – and it works, but only short term. So, another way to change how you feel is to bring your body to a peak state. In order to do that, we need to change our physiology and move our body. We need to break the pattern.

Here are a few ways to do it:

1. Lift the chest up, bring the shoulders back, take a full breath in through the nose and out of the mouth, like you would blow out a candle. Repeat it at least three to even five times and smile.

2. Listen to your favourite music and just jump around = MOVE and get in motion.

3. Think about something you are grateful for. It allows you to change the focus. When you are deeply grateful, you can’t be angry or sad.

So, next time you feel like eating emotionally or binge eating, give yourself 10 minutes and try these three steps and see if you still feel like overeating to feel better. Change your focus. 

I personally have been using this technique when I have been feeling low. I will get up, breathe deeply, change my physical body, change my focus and my goals, turn my favourite music on and go for a walk. This simple, yet such powerful technique truly has changed my life. I have been able to achieve so much more and feeling great at the same time. When we focus on how awful everything is, and all of the things that we DON’T want in our life, then that’s what we’re going to continue to attract. Focus instead on all that you DO want in your life, and you’ll begin to find ways to make things happen – it’s just how our brains work. You will then find you won’t need food to feel good for a few minutes.

Getting rid of limiting beliefs

For me, the ‘Dickens Process’ was the most powerful exercise we did during the entire weekend. First we identified the limiting belief that has been producing unwanted or negative consequences in our lives. Then Tony led us through a visualisation where we looked 5 and 10 years into the future and feel the pain that this belief has continued to cause us. It is important to truly feel the effects of these little beliefs that have caused huge setbacks in your life – And will continue to do so if you don’t get rid of them NOW. You then take the time to replace it with a new empowering belief and go through the same process of visualising the future, now that you’ve gotten rid of your limitations.

Since then, I haven’t acted on the one specific limiting belief I was working on during the seminar. Before the seminar I ‘tried’ to create a new course for binge eating but would always sabotage myself out of fear that nobody would show up or sign up. Once I was able to replace the limiting belief with an empowering one, I have designed an amazing program called ‘Food Freedom Formula Program – Break Free From Emotional Eating and Binge Eating’. I launched this program with the exact amount of people I envisioned and I had the most amazing feedback from all participants.

FEAR is the enemy that makes you overthink what COULD happen.

Fear stops us from so much in our life. We have all these ideas of what could happen and what could go wrong, so we often give up before even giving it a go. The trip to Sydney was my first one where I didn’t have anyone who would pick me up, drive me to the hotel, give me food or show me around. I was there completely alone and had to arrange everything myself. I was nervous and wanted to pull out so many times. But I made the decision to stick to it and prove to myself that I could do it. Well, you can guess, nothing I was scared of actually happened. Everything went perfectly!

Every fear has a benefit – it tries to keep us safe. However, most of them are irrational and are just stopping us from living. It is up to us if we want to let fear imprison us; or we can use it as leverage to make a change. I have chosen to use it to change my life.

I would highly recommend to go to UPW and I would do it myself again. In fact, I actually have a ticket that I got part of a package when I signed up with Tony’s coaches. It is a deal already that I am going to the next UPW in 2020.

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