How To Stick To A Healthy Eating Plan

Is Consistency A Struggle When Trying To Stick To A Healthy Eating Plan?

Do you struggle to stick to a healthy eating plan? So many clients come to me knee-deep in frustration because they start something (diets, healthy eating, life goals) and just don’t continue.  Or they do well for a while, but consistency feels impossible.

Use The Power Of Your Brain To Create Healthy Eating Habits

Our brains are wired to be good at what we practice or repeat. So, if we repeat the same behaviour, pattern, thought, or feeling – it becomes an ingrained habit.  Moreover, the better we become at it, the easier it is to do (like autopilot!).   This repetition creates stronger neural pathways in the brain.   Similar to a track when you go hiking, the more you walk that bush path, the easier it will become to walk through.  The same goes for our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours including eating behaviours. 

Habit Loops And Negative Self-Talk

Furthermore, common habits I see in clients include self-sabotage or a perceived lack of willpower.  Often, these are merely automatic habit loops.  To understand further, our behaviour and emotions stem from our thoughts.  So it’s critical to become aware of any negative self-talk.  Let me explain this habit loop phenomenon…

It All Begins With Our Thoughts – Psychology behind healthy eating

The habit loop cycle begins with thoughts.  Essentially, thoughts affect feelings.  Then, feelings affect our actions and bahaviour (look into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  Ultimately, we create more of what we think – because our brain is focussing on it.   For example, when I tell myself, ‘I never finish anything’ – What do you think is going to happen? Exactly that, I will not finish.  Because our brains like familiarity and certainty.   Ultimately, this then turns the predicted behaviour into an internal belief (and beliefs drive everything!).

Become Unstuck And Stick To A Healthy Eating Plan

Undoubtedly, where we feel stuck is actually not behaviour or willpower.  Nor any internal weakness.  Essentially, it is our self-talk.  Ultimately,  the problem is the incessant repetitive thoughts we speak to ourselves on repeat!  So, how to break the cycle?

Let’s Understand This Further…

Firstly,  if you say to yourself  ‘I never stick to a healthy eating plan’.  That thought creates feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, and depression. Now when I am down and unmotivated, what will I do? How will I ACT?  Will I go to the gym? Eat well? Most likely, no.  But I will feel like going to the kitchen and eating or lounging on the couch numbing out to a TV show. The result is most likely going to be weight gain and spiraling further into negativity.  In that emotional state, I won’t be exercising or going out seeing friends. I will continue to feel sad and withdraw from people. This is the opposite of what you wanted!

This is how thoughts become a BELIEF SYSTEM.  Because the results show the proof. But it all started with a thought.  And you will start reliving the same cycle over and over.  Critically, we need to become conscious of our negative self-talk.

High Expectations often stop us from sticking to healthy diet

Additionally, ensure you do not have unrealistic expectations of yourself.  Perhaps the approach you are taking is not the right fit for you. So Weight Watchers did not work for you – move on and try something else! Take what you learned and move on.  So instead of changing your destination, change your path. Try something different but never give up.  Look for different people to work with and different solutions. (Take on the learnings, and fail faster – you will eventually find what works for you).

Create Uplifting Thoughts To Stick To A Healthy Eating Plan

Finally, we must create inspiring and energizing thoughts and approaches.  Choose YOU and reclaim your power.  Notice and observe your inner dialogue.  Let go of the negative and try other ways.  If you need help with this contact me.  We have so much support to help.

Eugenia x

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