Is that cycle in the image above familiar to you? The constant change from restrictions, “being good” and following the diet plan to “falling of the wagon”, binge eating, emotional eating and back again.

Are you not tired of it? Well, I was.

Those who know me, know that I was a chronic dieter for most of my teenager years up until late 20s. I tried everything, you name it: cabbage soup diet, pills, one meal a day, no breakfast, no food after 6, etc. But you know what? It doens’t matter how hard I tried and how much weight I lost, I hated my body, I didn’t like who I was, I dind’t like how I looked and always felt like I was an outsider. Why? Because I didn’t like myself. So why should anyone else like me?

And this is the point here. No matter how many diets you try, how much weight you lose or gain, if you don’t accept yourself, have limiting beliefs about yourself and the negative self-talk is part of your daily routine, you will never be happy and healthy.

During my last 5-day free Back on Track challenge all women who participated were saying that they always start with good intentions to start a healthy diet, exercise, drink more water etc. until they end up binge eating because they were upset, they had social gathering, they wanted to treat themselves or just because they forgot about the good intentions. When we were talking about why this happens, they all said that the underlying issues are their own beliefs and their own sense of worth that was holding them back from keeping a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

I am sure you are sick of it and just want to enjoy food that you love and still achieve your health and fitness goals.

Here are my 3 Top Tips to finally end this crazy Dieting and Binge Eating cycle:

1. Belief in your own value 

You are a valuable individual!

During childhood you probably thought you were valuable because of your good grades, athletic skill, or other talent. This is damaging because you learned that success equals value, and that failure equals detriment to the family or severe disappointment. You continued this behavior because it got you attention from your parents, being the best at basketball or first chair in band.

But now you still feel that you’re only valuable when you’re doing something well, and that’s not true. You are valuable just as you are, being the individual you are. Praise yourself for being kind, persistent, confident, and fearless. Know that you provide value to your life because of the person you are skills aside.

2. Change your thoughts and beliefs

Our thoughts and beliefs impact our actions and results. We do what we focus on. If we focus on how useless we are and how we are not worth it to be healthy, our actions will be guided by those thoughts. The results will be based on your actions and will re-enforce our original thoughts. They become self fulfilling prophecy. This is how thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become automatic thoughts that drive your behaviours – in other words habits.

Thoughts/Beliefs -> Feelings -> Actions -> Results

What we need to do is to rewire our brain by changing our thoughts and our beliefs. The brain science has proven that our brain changes constantly based on our thoughts, beliefs and habits. This is good news. We can change our thoughts and change how we respond to those in a effective way.

Practice mindfulness daily and see how fast you will see results. I have written a blog on How to quiet the negative self-talk and stop overeating and what to do to Overcome contstant Battle with Food

3. Beliefe you can do it

Right now you’re probably afraid of trying something new, or taking a chance because you don’t believe you can do it. You’re afraid of trying because what if you fail?

Change is scary. The unknown is scary. Being uncomfortable is scary. But, on the other side of that fear, lies the woman inside who can be FREE.

You’re amazing! You’re unique! You’re strong and passionate! We all deserve to be confident and feel good about who we are. But we all have flaws, and we all have baggage. It’s how you decide to move forward, that impacts how far you go.

Use affirmation – EVERY DAY. Write down on a piece of paper that you can see when you wake and before you go to bed and read those affirmations out loud to yourserf. At the beginnign it will be weird and uncomfortable but with the time it will be come second nature – do you remember? We need to rewire that brain and that can happen when we challenge and train it, like a muscle that needs to be trained on a regular basis.
To support you on your journey, I’ve developed a 4-week online course Succeeding at Slimming with a Mind Plan, not a Food plan. Most of us know WHAT to eat and what a healthy diet is but there are blockages, habits, beliefs, emotions, stress, lack of energy that stop us from doing what we need to do to achieve our goals. This course is designed to help you understand what is holding you back, improve your relationship with food and yourself so that you can reduce your weight by understanding WHY and HOW you eat.

If you’re looking for tools, support, knowledge and wisdom on how to transform your relationship with food, your body, and yourself, you’re in the right place. Email me [email protected] to book your spot.

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