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Overcome emotional eating with mindfulness.

Emotional eating is exactly what the word says: It is an emotional issue and not a food issue. Mindfulness can help to identify the emotional needs and the underlying pain to overcome emotional eating and binge eating.


In the world where true feelings and emotions are not always welcomed, we can feel like we should always be ok, smiling and be bubbly. When we get asked how we are, we often respond without even thinking: “I am good, thank. How are you.” This answer doesn’t leave much space for true feelings.


“I’d rather be honest and authentic and disappoint some people than to exhaust myself trying to keep up the façade of perfection.” ~Crystal Paine


As soon as we start numbing our emotions, we not only numb the uncomfortable feelings such as anger, sadness and frustration, but also happiness and excitement. Numbing our feelings is not Regional Anesthesia, it is all over. It spreads through our entire system until loss of sensation is achieved.


The lack of ability to manage our emotions comes with big side effects. For some people it is binge eating, emotional eating, binge drinking and for others it is heavy drugs, sex addiction, porn addiction or other self medicating substances.

And strangely enough, when binge eating takes over our life and starts affecting our weight, mental and physical health, we are looking for a nutritionist who can help us to lose weight quickly with the perfect diet plan. How bizarre. We are not looking at the reason why we gained weight in the first place. Track back to where it started weight gain -> binge eating -> dieting and restricting -> emotional eating -> comfort eating -> feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


To heal binge eating we need to learn to feel. Feeling and healing. We need to address the underlying cause for all of it.

In this video I am sharing with you how to use mindfulness techniques to manage our emotions and feelings without feeling overwhelmed by them so that we can finally stop binge eating.

In this FREE e-book 6 steps to overcome emotional eating and binge eating I am sharing with you the core areas that might be triggering your binge eating episodes and what you can do about it.

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Regain power over food!  


Binge eating and emotional eating is not a food problem, it is an emotional problem.


We can’t rely on will-power to stop binge eating. In this e-book I am addressing the underlying reasons why we use food as a drug and what our body is trying to tell us.

This is video Nr. 3 of a three video series about how emotions, mood and feeling affect each other and how to learn to manage our emotions and feelings to overcome binge eating and emotional eating.


If you missed the other two videos, here there are again.

I want to tell you this – you are not alone. Way too many people suffer and they suffer in silence. I have made it my mission to help women to end their war with food, their body and ultimately themselves.


If you have struggled with weight, body image, confidence and an unhealthy relationship with food and yourself for far too long and are ready to let it go, book your FREE Food Freedom Breakthrough Call with me HERE.



Do you want to feel in control with food?