Do you tend to binge eat and crave food when stressed and overwhelmed? Binge eating and emotional eating is not to take lightly. We all crave food from time to time and even find ourselves overeat on rare occasion, and it is ok. But when it starts affecting our life, our health, our weight and our emotional state, then it is time to look into deeper. 

There are different reasons why someone might be binge eating. Some of them are having not enough food throughout the day, restrictions and dieting. We might lack nutrients or numbing and avoiding certain feelings or being bored and not feeling fulfilled in life. Sometimes binge eating might come from not being happy with own body.

In this FREE e-book 6 steps to overcome emotional eating and binge eating I am sharing with you the core areas that might be triggering your binge eating episodes and what you can do about it.



Regain power over food!  

Binge eating and emotional eating is not a food problem, it is an emotional problem.

We can’t rely on will-power to stop binge eating. In this e-book I am addressing the underlying reasons why we use food as a drug and what our body is trying to tell us.

We all have different coping mechanisms how we deal with stress. Some of us binge on food, others use drugs, alcohol, or other substances to self medicate. It doesn’t matter what we choose, it all comes down to increasing dopamine, the feel good hormone.

If you are the binger then I know how you feel. I used to be one. Thank god, I could overcome it and stop doing it.

A binge urge or food craving are such a strong urge and there is almost nothing else you can think about until you give in. The thing is, it might feel good for a moment, but then all those bad feelings start creeping in – guilt, shame, disappointment and feeling of failure.

But I have good news for you. It is possible to stop the craving and the binge. Yes, it might not work immediately, but it should ease the intensity and the frequency. In order to stop binge eating completely, I suggest to use the above e-book to identify why you binge so you can address the underlying reason. And if you would like to have some assistance, I am here to support you. Just contact me HERE.

You know that food is not a solution, but the question is how to stop craving food and stop binge eating?
In this video I am going through 7 steps to ease the binge urge and to stop craving food.

I want to tell you this – you are not alone. Way too many people suffer and they suffer in silence.I want to make an end to it and have created a 6 weeks group course: Unrestricted and Free – End Binge Eating and Emotional Eating.

If you have struggled with weightbody imageconfidence and an unhealthy relationship with food and yourself for far too long then this course is for you.

Free yourself from your Battle with Food and Body

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Are you ready to end the vicious diet cycle and end your war with Food and Body?
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